Just Dance 2020 - Nintendo Switch Standard Edition review

Just Dance 2020 is a dance rhythm game developed by game publishers, Ubisoft. It was released in celebration of their 10th anniversary since they first launched. This game has been reliable for gamers as it has always managed to release a new entry of the title every year since it began 10 years ago. It has a large community of gamers and it never fails to amaze each one with their yearly releases. With this year's entry being released on the Nintendo Switch too, the Nintendo fans have plenty to be excited about.

This entry has always incorporated popular

This entry has always incorporated popular hit songs since its origin. You can sing along while you dance or get your groove on even when it's not your turn to dance yet. Just Dance 2020 has to chart hits from major artists like Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran, Lil Nas and many more. There are 40 new tracks each song with varying intensity to push your skill to the next level. You can subscribe to the Just Dance Unlimited to get access to many more songs and features.

Build up some team-building skills with

Build up some team-building skills with Just Dance 2020. This game has included a co-op feature allowing you and your friend to both grab a joy-con and dance away. You can gauge your dancing skills by viewing your combined scores with your friends. This 2020 entry has returned the support for the mobile phone app that was not available in the previous year's release. The mobile phone app takes the co-op mode to greater heights by increasing the players up to six. You can throw impromptu dance parties with your friends and maximize the fun. Its simple design is marvelous for both gamers and non-gamers to pick up their joy-cons and mobile phones and play with a group of friends of various skill levels.

The Nintendo franchise has always had

The Nintendo franchise has always had its way of making gaming control fun. With the Switch version of Just Dance 2020, the small size of the joy-cons makes them more comfortable to dance with in your hand. Its motion sensors are more reliable allowing the gamer to capture every dance effectively. The mobile phone controller option can allow you to give younger players the joy-cons while you wave your phone around and dance.

If you are looking to improve

If you are looking to improve your dancing skills, this is the game for you. Each song has a different difficulty level indicated by a bar on the right side of the song's title. A large number of tracks with different dancing moves provide a challenge for any player. You can make it fun with friends and family by organizing competitions amongst yourselves. This is geared towards finding out who's got the bragging rights as the best dancer.

Just Dance 2020 - Nintendo Switch Standard Edition review

For the people looking to keep fit, this game is highly recommended. It has a "sweat mode" that helps you "Dance Exercise" while you are playing. Gamers who want to keep fit while still feeling like they're playing a game should consider grabbing a copy of this entry. Everyone wants to have fun while working out; you can keep track of the calories you've burned while dance exercising to make it effective.

Just Dance 2020 is perfect for both kids and adults. For people with children, the "kid's mode" has made a return with this entry. Trending children songs such as Baby Shark have been added to the playlist. Kids as young as 4 years old can enjoy this game with their peers. This game provides an avenue for family fun-time like birthday parties and any other day. As the 10th anniversary release of the game, retro memories are preserved by the "all-stars mode". It contains iconic tracks from previous releases allowing you to dance through all of them and unlock new tracks.

This game's main asset is that it has maintained the magical formula of the entire Just Dance series that many people love. The game is incredibly fun, provides healthy workout options and is suitable for general family viewing. It is great for parties; both children and grown-up parties since everyone loves to dance. An awesome control system and plenty of features to mess around with, this game is a keeper. Keep the party going on for hours with Just Dance 2020.

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