LISEN Cell Phone Stand

LISEN cell phone stand is used to support cell phone when in use. The stand has a base, mount and an adjustable stick that is between 7.1 and 8.5 Inches long. This cell phone stand can be adjusted through and angle of 360 degrees and to any required height below eight and half inches. The mount is made with a silicone layer that helps to prevent the phone or tablet from sliding or getting scratches.

This stand can hold phones with

This stand can hold phones with a thickness of up to around half inches and the user can freely charge their device as they use it because the stand has a special gap meant for charging the phone. LISEN stand helps to keep your office, home or bedroom organized since you do not have to place you phone anywhere on the tables which guarantees your phone safety.

The LISEN phone stand has a

The LISEN phone stand has a heavy base made from an aluminium alloy that is 115 grams and put between soft plastics. It also has ana aluminum rod covered with a plastic coating and the shiny aluminium metal cannot rust. That aluminum and plastic coated rod can comfortably be adjusted to become shorter or longer without breaking the stand. The mount holds the phone firmly, reducing risks of breakage from sliding. For big phones or tablets, lowering the height helps to increase stability and avoid toppling of the stand.

Assembling the cell phone stand is

Assembling the cell phone stand is easy and fast given the mount, base, screw, rod and a screw driver. To start with, put the metal rod between the mount and the base through the two holes. Then put the screw at the base of the stand and tighten it using the screw driver. Place your stand on a smooth flat surface and mount your phone on the silicone surface carefully and your stand will be ready for use. This process is also simple when you need to dismantle your stand at any time. Some of the factors to consider when selecting an item like a stand is the ease of assembling. The more difficult it is to assemble a product, the more expensive it is and that means they might require an expert to put together the parts.

If you needed to watch a

If you needed to watch a video recipe as you cook in the kitchen, you will have to find somewhere to place your phone. A cell phone stand helps to keep your cell phone clean and avoid cases of putting it in water, or any other liquid in the kitchen. The stand helps to avoid making your phone dirty too especially when kneading flour. Among other uses of the LISEN stand are reading as you make notes, while using your computer, when video calling and performing other tasks and when watching. Damaging your cell phone might cost you a lot of money, you could lose your phone in the kitchen cabinets too and waste a lot of time looking for the device.

 LISEN Cell Phone Stand

The LISEN cell phone stand is pocket friendly and is available in different electronic shops around you and can also be purchased online and shipped to your country. This stand is also durable because it is made from soft plastic, aluminium alloy and silicone. The stand can serve for years if well used without straining it and this helps to save on cost since you do not have to keep buying cell phone stands. You can easily watch videos from your device with friends or family with the help of the stand, which would be difficult without. The stand can also be used to teach your children especially if you are away from home, which would be difficult if you have more than one child.

Loving your cell phone or tablet will give you a reason to purchase the stand. Making your phone dirty when cooking risks your mobile phone to damage and replacement costs might be very high. Do not let lack of a stand land you into financial problems, book your LISEN cell phone stand today from your nearest electronic shop and share your great experience with others. If you love cooking, do not let your phone get lost in utensils and ingredients or even in the sink when the LISEN cell phone stand can solve all those problems.

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