Monoprice 108804 Wall Mount Bracket for Projector

Most offices have a lot of work to be done and in some cases, they have to do presentations of their work either to the management, board or even members of the organization by projecting the work. In other circumstances, you may be the owner of a theater and wondering how you are going to ensure that the film is projected in a way that all audiences can view in their comfort zone. Due to this, the new wall mount bracket for the projector was launched to the market to meet the needs and wants of customers and unique features were installed in the commodity.

Mono price is the manufacturers of the product, they released the new wall mount to the market on“ April 17, "2020. The wall mount has dimensions of 20 × 9 × 4 inches (51 × 23 × 10 centimeters) and weighs 9 pounds (4 kilograms). This makes them be light and easy to transport to users' premises. It can hold projectors that weigh up to 44 pounds (20 kilograms), those which have been equipped with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 holes for mounting. Also, it holds projectors at a spacing of 2 to 12 inches (5 – 30 centimeters) in diameter. The product enables the projector to be leaned ± 5 degrees horizontally and ± 15 degrees vertically depending on the preference of the user. Exist in varieties of colors but mainly found in black, this is the ideal color for any environment suitable and easily blends in.

 Monoprice 108804 Wall Mount Bracket for Projector

Installed with a cable management that is built-in, this guarantees that the cables are neatly hidden inside the product to avoid hanging to ensure they are safe and well organized. Able to hold the projector away from the wall within a range of 17 to 24 inches (43 – 61 centimeters). It comes with varieties of screws that all have different functions. For instance, the positioning screw provides precise control of the tilting angle. On the other hand, the locking screws are meant to keep the product in perfect position.

Mostly used in the board rooms, theaters, and cinema halls where content needs to be displayed using projectors, and they are tired of occasional setting up. This makes work easier because it permanently stays mounted to the wall only adjustments and tilting are made. Ensures the work being displayed can be visible to all viewers, and they are all able to follow. Encounters the issue of fatigue while trying to fit the machine to properly display and makes the work of the user easier. It can be used by theater owners, managers, and anyone owning a projector. Concerning the price, it's an affordable product to acquire. This has enabled it to compete fairly in the market-leading it to earn more ratings and make it recommendable to other customers.

A recommendable item for project users because of the many features installed in it and unique capabilities. High-quality and durability are ensured for and the price comes in handy too to ensure the presentation is one of the once in a lifetime experience and the information is well displayed.

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