QGeeM 5 in 1 Hub specifications

QGeeM products are known to be the best performing in the high-tech industry. The company doesn't gamble around with the quality of its devices, instead employees are dedicated to give the best. QGeeM USB 5 in 1 hub is one of the products manufactured and it's marvelous. The products are tested for quality and ensure that they meet required standards before releasing to the market. There are zero chances to find malfunctioning on these gadgets as they are keenly produced. The firm changes its engineering and technology to suit the changing global needs, for instance all the ports on this hub can function simultaneously.

It is covered within a charcoal

It is covered within a charcoal black plastic that can withstand pressure when exerted and universally looks decent. Don't forget that you can easily move around with it, weighs 35g only but performance is not compromised. You will not believe how fast it can charge your laptop with an output power of 87W, charges quickly and it's secure too. It has a number of interfaces tailored to meet your needs; 1 × HDMI port, SD and TF card reader slots, 2 × USB ports.

The favorite port on this hub

The favorite port on this hub is HDMI, with up to [email protected] output. Offers ultra-clear videos on large screens to unsure that you view the intended images. You can stream 4k UHD and HDTV enjoying great movies and shows with your friends and family. Projectors can be connected during a meeting presentation and be assured you will deliver in style. Finally, this HDMI port allows multi-display of monitors giving FHD view of 1080 pixels. It can do wonderful tasks to meet your audio and video needs, as it allows gaming.

Comes with 2 USB ports that

Comes with 2 USB ports that function simultaneously giving expected results. The USB 3.0 type-C has the highest transmission speed of up to 5Gbps. This port is compatible to all PCs, smartphones and tablets ensuring you transfer large data in seconds. It can multitask to connect peripherals to your computer, for example, external USB audio speakers, mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, etc. You will never be stranded on how to connect you devices with this hub at hand.

USB 5 in 1 hub has

USB 5 in 1 hub has separate SD and TF card reader slots to limit inconveniences. You can directly get the SD card from the camera and transfer photos and videos to your convenient source. It offers high transfer speed of up to 200 MB/s ensuring that you share content without delays. The TF card can be accessed through the slot to extend views on FHD laptop screen or TV screens.

QGeeM 5 in 1 Hub specifications

This hub has extensive compatibility to various inputs and outputs for high performance. It's compatible to the following PCs and tablets; Notebook (MacBook), Lenovo (Yoga 5pro), Dell, HP (Pavilion X2 and Matebook E), ASUS, Razer blade Stealth family, Samsung Galaxy tablets, etc. It can also be connected to android and Microsoft smartphones using USB type-C OTG. The devices include; Samsung Galaxy family, LG V300L, Microsoft 950 and 950XL, Huawei Mate family, etc. This feature is to ensure that you get the value of your money through this multifunctional hub.

The pros are; super-fast data transmission rate, product warranty, wide compatibility, simultaneously functioning of the ports, and fast power delivery. Limits are it doesn't have VGA and Ethernet port, though at this budget you won't expect them to be included. The company assures you of the quality by issuing 18-months warranty to this product and lifetime customer support services. You can purchase it allover the globe as it is available from retailers and online merchants at a cost of less than $18. This price is the best offer in the market as it is competitive and the product is super-cool when compared to others on the same range.

Final verdict on this product is that it's the best in the market, when it comes to performance, durability, affordable and connectivity to your devices without complications. It can be used in office work to share files and content across departments. Useful to gamers as they can use the HDMI features to play games on large screens. Photo editors can use this hub to transfer data, and also create multi-display workstation for their work. Generally, if you need a hub for your day-to-day tasks QGeeM 5 in 1 is a recommended choice.

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