Mo Willems book “waiting is not easy! (An Elephant and Piggie”) is a pure reflection on how difficult waiting is. As a matter of fact, most people will often oversee the obvious without considering the surrounding beauty in our environment. This book is about friendship but it also gives a vivid reason on why there is need of sharing the surrounding beauty with friends and archive greater joy as well as offering insight into human realistic emotions about what makes companionship. The book is written using simple text that is well illustrated with voice bubbles for an early child in elementary school to understand.

White in color background of the book put more weight in body language and facial communication. This tool assists the reader to comprehend the real sentiments of a character. With the voice bubble speech setup, the story becomes ideal to the emerging early reader, mostly ranging from 5 to 9 years old. Picture graphics are more impressive to small kids, however the message is more relevant and of insightful level to everyone.

“Waiting is not easy” is wonderful lead on the cover of the book which features two characters, an anxious elephant and his associate Piggie, who is a good foil for elephant. Gerald is very excited for a surprise from Piggie but the only problem is that Gerald is not good at dealing with waiting. The surprise makes Gerald more and more anxious as he waits for Piggie to reveal it. He goes to an extent of groaning loudly and loudly until he could not hold it anymore that his groan voice bubble knocks Piggie over. This comes after the start of getting dark outside and Gerald thinking that he won’t be able to see the surprise. Piggie remains patient with Gerald and encourages him to wait patiently. When she reveals the surprise to him, the waiting payoff proves to be more worthy.


Do you like waiting patiently especially for anything or something you have no idea? If no, you better purchase the book “Waiting is not easy, Elephant and Piggie”. To children in the early age of elementary schools or early readers, waiting is not easy, they are indeed, Geralds. When it comes to waiting, most children will keep reminding you impatiently until they start groaning in capital letters. The things that Piggie and Elephant encounter are real scenario in this life today.

This book is excellent option of helping a friend to understand the worth of waiting in various situations and it goes at an affordable price. It is the best idea to purchase this book and you will never regret it. The targeted readers of “waiting is not easy” is everyone especially young children and impatient people. Grab one for your family or children, and they will own you a big thank-you.

Willems felt like there is need for people to be patient with what they are looking forward to. People will even giggle at their impatient when they come to appreciate what waiting worth’s. As they say, patience pays or rather good things comes to those who wait.

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