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Technology evolves in a rate that gives priority to people's needs and every category of living standards have something to enjoy. There is more joy in having a less efficient device that you own than crying for the best that a friend owns and you cannot afford it. In a bid to make life more comfortable for everyone, Acer has played its role by manufacturing the Acer Chromebook 14-inch laptops. The device arrives with amazing features to helps achieve high standards of professionalism in both office and personal tasks.

Good display will give more comfort

Good display will give more comfort to the user when working, watching videos, running programs, playing games among other activities. Chromebook has a 14” diagonal screen using the LED backlight technology to feature all your content in the immersive clear display. The laptop is enabled with Acer Comfy View technology to help adjust reflections and the background brightness for enhanced viewing and comfort. Chromebook 14” has a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels and Intel HD graphics that enhances the quality of all objects you are watching. This also gives a good display when playing desktop games and features all the tiny rules of the game.

In terms of processing, Acer Chromebook

In terms of processing, Acer Chromebook 14” comes with a 4 core processor with a speed of up to 1 decimal 04 gigahertz. With such a processor from a trusted manufacturer, Intel, you can be sure to carry out average tasks without any troubles. Additionally, a randomly accessible memory (RAM) of 4 GB comes with Chromebook 14” which ensures you multitask with minimal lagging. LPDDR3 technology provides greater bandwidth, memory density, and low-power consumption compared to predecessor memories.

Acer measures 20

Acer measures 20" by 12" by 3" which sizable to hold on laps as well as fitting well in the most common bags. The gadget is of medium weight compared to its peers as it weighs 2 decimal 63 kilograms. Therefore, the laptop is easy to carry to and from the office or school or any other place. Enjoy the comfort of carrying a light machine that will exceptionally perform all your tasks.

This rocking Acer Chromebook 14 impresses

This rocking Acer Chromebook 14 impresses the eye because it packs in silver color and metal chassis. Strength is guaranteed to ensure that the user continues to enjoy an extraordinary mobile experience that is exceptional for long when compared to its peers. Housing made from 100 aluminum alloys and a sleeve made for protection is all you need to keep your laptop safe from injuries.

Review Acer Chromebook 14

Connect to Wi-Fi and download your favorite movies, music, and pictures using the 802.11ac standard which compares well with other standards. Besides, you can exchange information with friends using the enhanced Bluetooth connections. Find HDMI, USB 2, and USB 3 ports that will aid you to connect to external storage, charge your phone among other uses. All these wireless connections are incredibly faster to ensure time is saved when transferring data.

Making video calls has never attested such quality before. Acer Chromebook 14" is fit with a High Dynamic Range 720 megapixels camera that will make clear videos. Make conference and video calls without getting intimidation from friends resulting from the poor camera. This machine has inbuilt microphone to capture all your sounds and again 2 speakers that makes it clear. Chromebook 14” is exceptional with stereo and this gives you a sense of quality when listening to music and watching videos.

A long-lasting and strong battery will serve you best when you are in a blackout or cannot access power to charge. Purchasing Acer Chromebook 14 will keep you safe in case of all these happenings. It is only with Acer Chromebook 14” where you can get such a stunning battery life to aid you to complete all tasks within time specifications. Run all google apps and access other files at any time with or without power shortage.

The read only memory of 32 GB may not emerge the best but with aid of external disc all shall be well. With Chromebook 14 you can feel what you type since the keyboard is super-soft and smooth. Navigation is well aided by a wide and highly responsive touchpad that serves as a pointing device. Having scored 4 out of 5 stars in ratings by users is evident that buying yourself a copy won’t cause any regret.

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