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Review Axiom Direct Attach Cable

This product is a Direct Attach Copper Cable or simply DAC cable. There are people who might not be too familiar with what it is and what it does. They are actually different from our daily leads, our phone chargers, USB cords, wires and others. A DAC cable is a cable that is usually a twinax copper cable, they connect ports or line cards in an equipment. The connections are often direct, hence the name direct attach and the connections are within that specific equipment. These equipment include internet routers, switches, data storage devices and serves in the same data network.

There are four major types of Direct Attach Copper Cables in the network connection business. Passive, Active, Direct connect and the breakout direct attach cable are the most common and major types. They are differentiated according to the number of ports that can be connected at the same time. Breakout direct attach cable is a cable that connect a port or a line card to up to 4 other ports or line cards. Nevertheless, the direct connect direct attach cable is the cable that connects one port to just one other port.

The Active direct attach cable is the cable that gives a longer distance transmission due to the usage of some electronics within the modules and both ends of the cable to increase the signals. On the other hand, passive direct attach cords lack the ability to use the electronics, hence leading to a shorter transmission distance. This item is a direct connect direct attach cable that measures about 1 M and a passive cable.

Review Axiom Direct Attach Cable

One of the major reasons people prefer to use Direct Attach Cables often is because of their prices and costs. Using a DAC cable saves more money than purchasing two or more optical transceivers and fire cable. When you buy an item like this one, you save much more that getting those other separate parts. Another reason why you should purchase this item is the fact that your connections are made more swiftly with excellent performance and total reliability wrapped up in sweet affordability.

It was manufactured by Axiom Corporation, a company that has always provided information technology, professional and medical support services right from when they were founded. Axiom manufactured this Direct Attach Cable, and the cables are compatible in all OEM applications. All their cables are previously configured with a specific application code to meet the requirement set by the router and the switch OEMs. Equally, the cordss branded with Axiom function with other brands that use the same network, so it is not necessarily bound to just Axiom brands.

Specifically, this product is a passive DAC Twinax Cable with SFP network at both ends. Twinax is short for Twinaxial meaning there are double axes on the cable, for your connections. SFP is a type of network interface that is extremely compact and pluggable that can be used for both data communications and telecommunications applications. However, the SFP was created and was a major upgrade to the SFP interface. This new upgrade grants users a superb speed of about 10 GB/s, with this SFP at both ends, you are guaranteed a speedy connection.

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