Review HP stream laptop and it's basic features

The HP stream 14-inch laptop is a unique brand of computer, it has a strong battery and an AMD processor. AMD mainframe controls the fragments which functions as the main source of power in various devices such as computer, tablets, servers. Office 365 personal creates online types of office apps such as: MS office which can be used create documents, publications. Excel is spreadsheet that can be used for creating graphs, tables, formulars. Powerpoint can be used to create presentations that contains words, videos and forms. Onenote enables the user to make plans and gather figures for future references.

The average battery life of a

The average battery life of a laptop can last between 6 and 7 hours, the HP stream is capable of staying up to 8 hours and 15 minutes. This battery is composed of three main components: cell, circuit board and casing. Cells are cylindrical partitions basically controlling the production of power in the battery, it contains lithium-ion batteries which helps to store a large amount of energy. BIOS is a software that is found on the motherboard of a computer, its primary function is to control the flow of data from the computer to output devices. These BIOS help to reduce the booting time and to increase the overall performance of the computer. BIOS is a set of command which enable the proper functioning of the operating system. It also checks the health monitors the health of the PC.

Double peakers is used to produce

Double peakers is used to produce high-quality sounds, it makes use of converters which helps convert radio waves vibrations to sounds. Three main parts of a speaker include coil, frame and magnet. The 14-inch display enables image to be displayed at a higher range and angle to the pleasure of the viewer. OneDrive cloud storage makes it possible for the user to view photos, videos and files from any site. This service allows the user to store important document online so that they can be easily accessed at any location with the use of internet. The Windows 10 comes with many features like a start up menu, cortana to assist with questions, office apps, project Spartan browser, Xbox app for different gaming activities.

Review HP stream laptop and it's basic features

Embedded multimedia card is a big interior depot found on the laptop, it can be used to store large number of files. The eMMc can be found in various devices it functions as the principal depot. This 64 GB eMMc storage has the capability to hold a huge number of folder. DVD writer makes it possible for the user to read and create variety of image and video folder. Ultraviolet keyboards enables the user to properly see the keys in a dark environment, this helps to prevent most typographical errors that are encountered while typing. A web camera is a device that is used to transmit different forms of images over the internet, it plays an important role in enabling the user to make video calls. The touch screen makes it easy for various activities to be carried out at a faster rate on the laptop.

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