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Comics universe is rich with various sophisticated characters, all coming with their own stories. Be it villains or heroes there are multiple fictional characters in the comic world that have gained the love and affection of different individuals. Several people, most especially, diehard comics fans will flip for joy to have in possession of a physical model of their favorite characters. With the advancement in technology, this feat has become a possibility. Comic lovers can now have a collection of their favorite heroes and villains as a tangible entity in forms like figurines. Multiple figurines manufacturing companies have set out to explore the vast fictitious world as their muse for the next generation of toys.

Funko Pop has explored various concepts

Funko Pop has explored various concepts to bring forth their peculiar line of dolls, from using popular celebrities to the Japanese anime characters, they have tried as much as possible to provide their customers with as different options as possible. In their quest to diversify their figurine production, they have ventured into comic-character themed toys production. This is a huge positive for comic fans, as they have gotten another chance to associate themselves with what they love. One of the several additions to the Funko Pop collection of toys is the Batman 1989 movie Joker character which comes with a hat. The Joker is a supervillain infamous for his psychopathic actions and sadistic sense of humor. He is a genius criminal mastermind with a twisted way of reasoning. His peculiar characteristics have made him one of the most beloved villains in the superhero universe.

Joker has a signature weird look;

Joker has a signature weird look; a chalk-white skin, a grass green hair, and cherry red lips which lay emphasis on his trademark wide smile that reveals the majority of his incisors. This strange look of his is popularly believed to be a result of him falling into a tank of chemical waste. He is the archrival of Gotham's vigilante; Batman, the dark knight has made multiple encounters with this crazed villain, which shaped most of his life's story. The popularity of this character almost equals that of his adversary, and surprisingly even the seemingly bad guy has gathered many fans across the world.

Review on Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 1989-Joker with Hat

Like every Funko Pop's model, the Funko Pop! Heroes: Batman 1989-Joker with Hat notably possesses an incredibly larger head than its body. This focuses more on the features of the face of the toy, emphasizing the facial look of the product. The toy comes in an all purple themed outfit, with a short staff with a size perfect for the figurine. This particular product comes in different forms and designs, expanding the option of the buyers. The figurine stands at 10 cm having a 6 cm width and a weight of approximately 2 kilograms, this makes the toy quite light and handy to handle.

This toy is worth purchasing, especially by any fan of the Batman '89 movie and comics. It proves as a collectible item, with its cheap price you can even try collecting all the Batman '89 characters; which includes; Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, the Riddler, and even Batman himself.

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