Ring New Alarm Home Security System with Speed Access to Emergency Services

The Ring all-in-one alarm keypad comes with a lot of features and has complimentary functions with other components like Alexa. When combined with an Alexa device and hub, voice control can be activated in the system. The new keypad is developed as a second-generation home security system. This device is an update to the previous ring alarm keypad that is still on sale on the Ring website. The new keypad is installed with built-in buttons for one-dial access to emergency services. What this means is that you can quickly reach the police, medics, and the fire services by simply depressing a button for approximately three seconds.

Being easy to arm and disarm

Being easy to arm and disarm is one great, awesome, and excellent feature of the all-new Ring Alarm Keypad. The system software has a three-option security mode to select from with functionalities like home, away, and disarm. Setting up the system requires no specials knowledge or tools as the system is pretty much a do-it-yourself device though you must have the Ring Alarm Base station to be able to mount it. Areas where the Ring all-in-one alarm keypad can be mounted are walls, cabinets, and surface tops without any specialized skills necessary. Once you acquire the all-new Ring alarm keypad, the next step is to get a subscription plan. The good thing is, there are lots of affordable subscription plans available for you to start enjoying the best home security system out there.

Though the n Ring all-in-one alarm

Though the n Ring all-in-one alarm keypad is programmed to send app notifications without a subscription plan, using the emergency features requires a subscription. Where an intruder is detected by the motion sensor, the emergency alarm needs a subscription to be used. Subscriptions plans available range from a $10 monthly plan to a $100 yearly plan. To enjoy all the features of the Ring all-in-one alarm keypad, it is advisable to go for the Ring Protect Plus plan. This plan gives grants a profound and comprehensive cover to the user for a more efficient surveillance of the home front. With the Ring Protect Plus plan, subscribers get more value out of their devices like smoke detection and flood watch.

The all-new Ring all-in-one alarm keypad

The all-new Ring all-in-one alarm keypad comes in a 5- piece kit, a 10- piece kit, and a 14- piece kit. Like the previous version of the Ring Alarm system, subscribers can use the mobile app to remotely arm or disarm the alarm. The complete system is designed to function in different home sizes, and includes the keypad and other accessories. Some of the components of the keypad are, the base station, range extender, and the motion sensor. All accessories of the Ring all-in-one alarm keypad can be bought on online stores or the Ring official website. The all-new Ring alarm keypad is one of the best do-it-yourself security systems in the market. Security-conscious individuals desirous of monitoring and securing their homes have made Ring all-in-one alarm keypad their first choice.

Ring New Alarm Home Security System with Speed Access to Emergency Services

It is important that Parents and homeowners install the all-new Ring all-in-one alarm keypad in their homes so that they can keep an eye on things. Having the system in one’s house gives you the ability to monitor the situation at the home-front even when away. Ring's keypad system also brings emergency services closer to us as they are just one-touch one-button away. The keypad, which is sleek and smaller than the previous version, has a friendly user interface. On the top of the numeric section of the keypad, a spherical button is used for the PIN setup or change of PIN. At the top of the numeric keys are three buttons that are dedicated to the home, away, and disarm function. To the left of the numeric keypad are the three important emergency buttons that alert emergency services like the police, fire and medical service.

The all-new Ring all-in-one alarm keypad is equipped with a radio frequency that controls smart home devices. Z-Wave-compatible devices in your home can be controlled through the Ring keypad. An additional accessory, the Alexa device and hub gives you the voice command ability to arm and disarm the system. The Ring app, which is downloadable on the app store, can also be used to arm, disarm, or check the status of the system. Another great feature of the Ring all-in-one alarm keypad is that it gives you the option of self-monitoring or round-the-clock professional monitoring. Other goodies associated with this device are, a 60 days video file cloud storage capacity linked to Ring security cameras and database.

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