The Cinderella Icons Set

You should take a look at these beautiful pins from Disneyworld, “the Cinderella Icons Set”. Many people know the Cinderella story and the huge impact it has on both kids and adults. Asides the fact that the love story is exceptional, people fell in love with the animation character “Cinderella”.

The beautiful animation character has undoubtedly become the obsession of many adults and children as a result of their love for the character in Disney animation movies. This obsession for Cinderella has grown by the day among kids and adults regardless of their ages and sexes. The Disney animation story of Cinderella has introduced a new world of fantasies through her beautiful and magical role, the mind-blowing sound tracks and her amazing love story.

You may have heard a couple of kids and adults who crave to visit Disneyland, land where they believe that their fantasies will be fulfilled. They believe that the Disneyland is the most beautiful and magical place they can ever be. Most times they go there to reminisce on their beautiful love stories of the past and what they would expect their ideal love story to be like. A few go to Disneyland to see the beautiful dresses and other personal effects of the popular Cinderella and other characters they love.

Similarly, as a result of the Disney obsession, many children have made special requests to their parents to get some of the Cinderella-items from Disneyland. They have often asked to place these items in their rooms, on their beds and in other parts of the house. A few of them make requests to have their rooms and their wardrobes arranged just like that of Cinderella. Among the adults, there are many who believe that possessing any of the items from Disneyland will give them the most beautiful love story they have ever craved for.


Also, a good number of females crave for such items from Disneyworld because having the items in their possession takes them to their world of fantasies. From the above, you can see that the Cinderella-themed items are one of the best gifts you can get ever get for your female kids or adult friends who are females. Many females are usually in need of such gifts and are always appreciative when they receive them.

If you seek to get a Disneyland themed gift for any of your loved ones then you should consider “the Cinderella icons set”. This set consists of four dreamy pin designs that came directly from fantasyland. The four-pin set includes icons from the Cinderella Story Such as the glass slipper on the pillow, Jaq and Gus in the teacup, the carriage and the phrase “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo”. If your kid is a lover of Cinderella or you wish to get any Disneyland-themed item for your kid, then you should consider this Cinderella icon set. Recall that Cinderella is one of the most popular characters of Disneyworld and having some of her items will be the dream of your kid. These four dreamy pins can be placed on the hair or used however the user wishes.

The “Cinderella icons set” is sold by the CF Collectibles who are major players in the comic and collectibles industry. They live just 35 minutes from Disneyworld which is perceived as the most magical place on earth, hence, they offer the most authentic items from Disneyworld to their customers. However, you can feel free to shop with them without having the fear of getting inferior items as the item is new, original and properly packaged. Importantly, the set is sold at a good price and you can afford to get it for your kids and friends.

Most times when you see kids with animation themed items, they exude a sort of confidence that is admirable. They think of the Character with the theme and put themselves in their shoes. If the character has an awesome personality, the kids will also try to get a part of that unique personality by acting like the character. In relation to Cinderella, the character was not just pretty but had an admirable personality that enabled her to thrive even during her hardest times. These are good reasons why you should consider purchasing the Cinderella Icons Set for your kids and friends.

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