The Gamer's Choice Monitor is Here: Behold the NIXEUS EDG 27 Inches Gaming Monitor

Gaming has been a means to avoid getting bored by a huge number of people, some do gain a decent life from playing games. So many have eventually become bored by the slow pace and lack of good union between their games and the display they get. This sort of issues might frustrate our love and passion for gaming if not checked in due time. But do not worry again, those days of not too good feelings are about to be banished into the wind with the arrival of a new product coming from NIXEUS. You will be amazed to see how wonderful this product is, in terms of ensuring maximum fun is gotten without breaking a sweat nor breaking the bank.

NIXEUS a company based in Los

NIXEUS a company based in Los Angeles that have been working on a piece capable of answering all questions asked by people who find comfort in playing games. Now they have finally answered those question in the release of the NIXEUS EDG 27 inches edifice in collaboration with AMD on a monitor that is FREESYNC enabled. The product is finally complete, and everyone is anxious to try their hands on this perfect device. Its design is in a 27`6 x 18`1 x 7`5 inches which is very light in weight and almost bezel-less. With a resolution of 3840 × 2160 you will be getting clear pictures that will make your gaming experience more fun. You are about to find out the capabilities of this beautiful device that will surely make it included in your cart without any delay.

The screen has a UHD LED

The screen has a UHD LED backlit with the native 4k capacity which support over 16 millions colors. At a refresh rate of 144Hz NIXEUS EDG Monitor guarantees a feedback that is realtime such that delays and lags are almost absent. For we know how important high refresh rate is for all gamers in order to have smooth and sharp pictures which are based on how high the reaction time is. AMD FREESYNC makes sure the adaptive synchrony between the refresh rate and the display frame rate is maintained to avoid tearing and stuttering of images that usually follows any misalignment. This device is proven to be suitable for any sort of games no matter how high the game is set, it will match any game with no struggle in keeping up. Response time is measured to be around 4ms, a brief look at this shows that we will be getting way more than average response time needed for all our reactions while playing.

The Gamer's Choice Monitor is Here: Behold the NIXEUS EDG 27 Inches Gaming Monitor

You will be getting various input ports on the monitor which includes two display ports 1`4 that is capable of a producing resolutions as high as 3840 × 2160 with a 144Hz refresh rate with DSC. The DSC technology ensures low visual loss for compression of ultra high definition display ( UHD ) for applications and program run on with the monitor. It also has two ports for HDMI 2`0 of up to 3840 × 2160 at a refresh rate of 60Hz. The choice is yours to choose from either ports knowing quality imagery would be deliver by both without any lag or breakage. Those means of connectivity are the best you will find around for a device that cost relatively low.

With a stock like this in town, your choice on how your gaming experience is felt has just been made easier, just make that purchases and be rest assured you are getting real value for your money. A discount is even available for making your orders early as NIXEUS is determined to make this product affordable to all and sundry with the price tag it comes with. You don't have to wait for others to give you tales of how they have fallen in love with this wonderful item from NIXEUS. Your status as a pace setter should not waver now, you are making the best decision going for the NIXEUS EDG 27 inches 3840 × 2160 AMD FREESYNC UHD 4k gaming monitor. Wait for this, a massive 3 years warranty is available for the product with the customer support ready to talk you through any obstacle you might come across while using this device. We will be keeping an eye for the frequent positive feedback we are familiar with from your end as you take that bold step towards a surreal gaming experience.

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