the all American boys novel

Racism is a major challenge that affect not only the existence of black people but also non -European people. This act is common in America as it has really divided unity among humans and caused various problems facing human beings. The all American boys is a heartbreaking story that discusses the issue of racism among a black and white student in a particular class. An events soon occurs whereby this white American student mistakenly brutalizes his classmate who happened to be dark in complexion living in America. This event sparked tension among the black -Americans living in the US and the school was divided as a result of this tragic event. Every black people that are racially abused needs this book to know their civil rights and fight for them when needed.

This novel is a compelling story that allows you to know your right as a human being regardless of your color, race and class. Purchasing this novel teaches you about what is happening in your environment and how to tackle them. Two teenage boys in a particular class who are of different colors mistakenly clashed with each other leading to brutality of the black boy by this white boy who didn’t even knew what he was doing. Rashad who was dark in complexion was looking for a bag of chip in a corner and suddenly falls into the hands of this white racist boy named Paul Gaullazo who brutalized him mistakenly. But he noticed that this dark -complexioned boy was unmoved and continued this act till it caused unrest in the school.

The dark -complexioned boy felt inferior to this white student as he was afraid fighting him could lead him into a bigger problem that he could not handle. You need to purchase and read this novel regardless of your nationality to what is right and wrong to do. One problem facing humans is not knowing their rights which has caused several issues that lead to unrest and war among humans. There are certain problems that needs to be addressed not only about racism but also police brutality which is a major problem that needs to be tackled.

According to this book, Quinn who was a basketball player witnessed the occasion as Rashad was mistakened for a shoplifter by Paul. Paul Guallazo who happened to be the offender was arrested and justice was served. This novel teaches you about the consequences of brutality which is common among little children and adults. Purchasing this book allows you to know the consequences of every action you take against a fellow human like you.

There are many situations whereby you find yourself in situations that you don’t know what to do but purchasing this storybook teaches you what you need to know about yourself and what you stand for anywhere you find yourself. This storybook comes at a cheap price which is affordable without any difficulty. You can purchase this material from from bookstores, supermarkets or you can order it from marketing websites with ease.

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