The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma

Trauma, can be defined as a state of mind or body that is actually disturbed or distressed leaving you completely fearful and drained. It can either be physical or mental trauma. The condition can affect anyone in life, depending on the circumstances that the victim went through. Trauma, can be described, as a negative feeling, that outweighs an individual’s capacity, to live a normal social life. The body and soul, is built in way that responds to such kind of conditions, in a bid to adjust to the normal system. This condition is brought about by a number of situations like, the loss of your loved one, physical trauma like an accident, having a sick person that is close to you, sexual abuse, marital abuse and many others.

One author, by the name Van de kolk, came up with a book called The Body Keeps the Score, Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma. Being a psychiatrist, he breaks this into an informative piece explaining about trauma and its remedies. He gives out, proper scientific views and extensive research regarding the same including its impact in the social well-being. His vast knowledge in neuroscience, enables him to clarify every aspect involved in trauma, it’s effect in the human mind, body and soul. The body somehow, has a mechanism to deal with any traumatic situation, keeping the score, and kolk gives out a detailed process, on what the mind goes through once you fall into this depression.

This book, is a masterpiece that can give hope and encouragement to anyone out there who has been struggling with this type of condition. By giving a detailed approach to neuroscience and trauma, you can actually understand the relation between the two. In his view, he guided us about a healing process that requires social acceptance of others into our lives without having the threat of danger. This book is a nice read and also ideal for anyone who can help a brother, sister, or anyone who is undergoing such mental distress.

Mr. Van de kolk, has cut across many cases of victims with post-traumatic stress disorder, and being a medical doctor he has applied his work on treating various patients. This includes war veterans, children and rape victims. He argues that, trauma is all in the mind and emphasises on positive change. The body and mind changes when subjected to various events in our lives and can have devastating effects in our feelings and conduct. To the children traumatic effects can stay hidden for so long, erupting later in life. In other words the brain and mind can keep it as long as it can remember but it’s the body that bears the brunt.

Throughout the book, the author clearly highlights living testimonies of victims who have undergone this vicious condition. In a way it shows the credibility of his principles in dealing with post-traumatic stress. It keeps you glued to it and the fact that it was thoroughly researched revives your mood to a point of relaxation. This is a book, you will definitely enjoy reading as you learn the different ways that, social moves and interaction can really heal the depressed.

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